"i had invited people at ljudmila, who are having a party at that time for the occasion of public announcement of the portfolio (web) project, to transmit real video from the garden. The SUSHI project wants to connect their efforts to make sushi there with my enthusiasm to learn it's preparation too. a sound and video loop will be introduced through which i will be conducted to prepare sushi for the (possible) party in berlin. the project is eccessive, demonstrating the narcisistic position of a nowaday web artist, who can abuse two severs supported out of different funds aimed for activities of civil society, just to learn sushi on a distance and have fun with people he can meet live the most of time in his life anyway - on a distance of 1000 kilometres. later kapelica gallery will join with sushi efforts too, just before a realvideo transmittion will start from there to webcast the repetition of the dependance project , which will be web linked to some 20 more dance performances around the world, synchronised via web to happen simultaneously time ."

marko kosnik